Our Businesses

TBR Trading

TBR Trading is the foreign trade arm of TBR Holdings Pte Ltd which deals with import and export in general. TBR Trading has primarily focused on import and export of Industrial machinery products on which it has many years’ experience.

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TBR FMCG Tradings

TBR FMCG Tradings is the commodity trading arm of TBR Holdings Pte Ltd founded in 2017. Witnessing the market evolutions and recognizing its potentials, TBR FMCG Tradings was established in 2020 to serve as a consolidated front for import-export,

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TBR Consultancy

Founded in 2019, TBR Consultancy has been working together with our clients from various industries in aligning their people and processes to compete through high speed, excellent quality and low cost.

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TBR Marine

Established in Singapore in 2017 TBR Marine is the Marine division of TBR Holdings Pte Ltd involved in several segments of the marine industry which is mainly focused on Ship brokering and Shandling services .

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